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SkillSphere Education is a panSkillSphere Workshop India skill set development and knowledge enhancement organization. The organization’s primary focus is on developing essential life skills among individuals of all ages, increasing their general knowledge and awareness, improving their public speaking skills and verbal communication, and helping them develop the confidence and conviction to express themselves and display their nascent talents.


The organization conducts a range of comprehensively designed and successful educational programmes which focus on improving communication skills, enhancing general knowledge and awareness, improving public speaking skills, and aiding in overall personality development by honing essential life skills including problem solving, team work, analytical skills among others. SkillSphere Education’s short term and long term programmes are conducted at institutions and centres in over 22 cities across India including Mumbai, Delhi-NCR, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Pune among others. The organization also organizes knowledge oriented events and develops holistic curriculums.


SkillSphere Education also provides a plethora of online resources which are knowledge oriented. Among them, ‘Global Jigyasa’ is an extensive repository of easy-to-read articles about global affairs, national affairs, societal issues and other information essential for improving one’s global awareness and general knowledge. The ‘e-Training’ section of SkillSphere Education’s website has several informative and concise articles and videos which help to overcome the fear of public speaking, improve communication skills, refine literary abilities, and develop other life skills. Soft Skills TrainingThe organization’s website also has an ‘Event Listings’ section which provides information about all knowledge oriented events taking place across India such as debates, Model United Nations conferences, quizzes and lecture series.     

The organization was founded in 2013 by Anansh Prasad, a graduate from an Ivy League University (Cornell University, USA) and a Mumbai University gold medalist Chemical Engineer. With a highly experienced and talented team of over 60 individuals who have joined the organization from different walks of life, SkillSphere Education has expanded to over 22 cities and positively impacted the lives of over 60000 students in this brief period.

Our Vision and Objective

Fun learningSkillSphere Education envisages a world in which all citizens are globally aware individuals armed with the courage and power to express themselves, and display their talents with utmost conviction. The organization wants to contribute towards the development of a world in which no individual is denied the ability to succeed simply owing to his/her lack of adequate communication skills, general awareness and/or confidence.

Our objective is thus to conduct educational workshops and programmes, develop holistic curriculums, organize and promote knowledge oriented events, and provide online knowledge resources which contribute towards holistic skill set development of individuals of all ages.

Team Skillsphere

Anansh Prasad
Founder and Managing Director
Rhea Jaya
Director - Curriculum Development and Outreach
Muneeb Riaz
Chief Operations Officer - Pune & New Delhi
Nabeel Faruqui
Manager - Marketing & Public Outreach
Geetanjali Kumar
Manager - Training & Curriculum Development
Yashasvi Shah
Trainer & Content Manager
Oshin Jawharkar
Trainer & Content Manager
Ahanta Shoghi
Trainer & Content Manager - Pune
Ninad Upadhye
Operations & Accounting Trainee
Shubhi Mathur
Chief Advisor - Global Jigyasa & Research
Bhavik Muni
Mentor - Training & Social Initiatives
Urvi Thakkar
Senior Associate Trainer
Pallavi Desai
Associate Graphic Designer
Apoorva Sonawane
Senior Associate Trainer
Raj Khot
Associate Trainer & PRO
Arjun Sood
Associate Freelance Trainer
Sahil Jain
Associate Freelance Trainer
Pooja Shukla
Associate Freelance Trainer
Aditi Puthran
Associate Freelance Trainer
Akshay Shetty
Associate Freelance Trainer
Rini Antony
Associate Freelance Trainer
Sneha Sivanandan
Associate Freelance Trainer
Gaurav Mehra
Associate Freelance Trainer
Aeshna Prasad
Associate Freelance Trainer
Saumitra Sharma
Associate Freelance Trainer
Henna Ganjwala
Associate Freelance Trainer
Diksha Sharma
Associate Freelance Trainer
Mahesh Kumar
Associate Freelance Trainer
Akshay Garg
Associate Freelance Trainer
Nayanika Raj
Associate Freelance Trainer
Digvijay Ghotane
Associate Freelance Trainer
Sankha Subhra Deb
Associate Freelance Trainer
Mayank Bajaj
Associate Freelance Trainer
Titash Roy
Associate Freelance Trainer
Himoli Choksi
Associate Freelance Trainer

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Head Office

SkillSphere Education Private Limited.
A-202, Kailash Tower, Behind STC Colony , off Western Express Highway, Near Regency Hotel , Andheri East , Mumbai , Maharashtra - 400069

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