NES International School, Mumbai

Dr. R Varadarajan - Founder-Principal

The programmes conducted by SkillSphere Education for our students have been a complete eye opener for them. Our students are so much more aware about current affair situations, are a lot more confident and have gone on to do the school proud in so many public speaking events and conferences across Mumbai too. We are very thankful to Anansh, and his SkillSphere Education team for the efforts that they have put in and strongly recommend that institutions should associate with SkillSphere Education for its programmes.

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan's R K Sarda Vidya Mandir, Raipur

Mr. Amitava Ghosh - Principal

The very philosophy of SkillSphere Education, ‘Refining Skills, Defining Futures ….’ is truly justified by them. The dedication and determination exhibited by the team towards making the youth more enlightened and responsible, is phenomenal. Since 2014, Bhavan’s R.K Sarda Vidya Mandir, Raipur is associated with SkillSphere Education.
The organization is doing commendable work in developing a plethora of skills like public speaking, debating, critical thinking, team work etc among our students. They have developed awareness about national and international affairs, leadership qualities, public speaking skills, financial literacy among so many other life skills.  
Most importantly, the students have learnt to analyse issues and come up with workable solutions by thinking logically and laterally as well. Their teaching process is very innovative, structured, and scientific in nature with many activities. I wish them all the luck & fervour to attain new heights in all their ventures.

The Galaxy School, Wadi

Ms. Varsha Rana - Principal

Anansh and his SkillSphere Education team have time and again created and delivered meaningful sessions to develop core competencies in our learners, be it Indiation or MUN@Wadi.

The team consists of young dynamic and passionate people who believe fiercely in what they do yet are open to change when the need arises. They welcome critical feedback and strive to make the program more meaningful year by year.

Over the years our learners have grown to become confident speakers and researchers. During the various sessions, students have had fun as well as learning to reach higher levels of conversational competence. Kudos to this energetic band of educators for their sterling contribution in building core life skills in students.

Gurukul School, Pune

Ms. Seema Hoskote - Principal

Today’s children need to widen their horizons of knowledge beyond text books and expand their ideas, think critically and form opinions. Being adept in soft skills like building up confidence, self esteem, public speaking, and building good interpersonal relationships also develops them holistically.
SkillSphere Education has given our children this winning edge by engaging and preparing them for life. Enlighten MUN, Indiation and Global Jigyasa are some of their programmes that have been successfully conducted at Gurukul. Sessions like these have been able to fuel the curiosity of our children and enable them to get closer to the happenings in and around them with a sense of social responsibility.
Gurukul children for the past 5 to 6 years have been whole-heartedly participating in SkillSphere Education’s programmes which have helped them to evolve as all rounded individuals.

Global Indian International School, Pune

Dr. Amrita Vohra - Principal

It has been a pleasure knowing the SkillSphere Education team since we began our association in 2014. I still remember the first conversation I had with Muneeb where we spoke about alternate systems of education, progressive ideas and nurturing students to find their voice. I was really amazed with the depth of his thoughts which translates in the entire team of SkillSphere.
The team stands committed to ensuring that they offer a learning platform which is beyond the confinements of a classroom. What is truly interesting is the delivery of their programs. The medium of instruction and the way they get students to research, build capacities and explore is outstanding.
I genuinely feel that partnering with SkillSphere is one of the primary highlights of our school.

Rajmata Krishna Kumari Girls Public School, Jodhpur

Ms. Neera Singh - Principal

SkillSphere Education has conducted several workshops and training programmes for our students. The experience has been remarkable. Each training programme was accomplished with an appreciable level of competence and integrity. The SkillSphere Education team is highly organized, professional and efficient in all aspects of their work.

Mr Anansh Prasad, Founder and Managing Director, ever supportive, responsive and empowering has always gone the extra mile to impart essential skills, enhance general awareness and improve the confidence of my students. He and his team members have steered the young talent by offering their assistance whenever required

I wish success to the team of MUN World India & SkillSphere Education in any endeavor they choose to pursue. With Best Wishes!

Kaanger Valley Academy, Raipur

Mr. Kulamani Mohanty - Executive Director

SkillSphere Education comprises of an extremely talented, passionate, and dedicated set of individuals who truly see the education as a noble field of work. They have been associated with Kaanger Valley Academy since 2013 and have conducted a range of programmes for different age groups including Indiation, Global Jigyasa, Enlighten MUN, LEAD among others.
They continue to improvise, innovate and metamorphose their programmes to make them more enriching for their participants. I have seen the organization grow progressively and strongly recommend their programmes for all school and college students.
What makes this team even more unique is that they aren’t simply great teachers. They are also very passionate learners which allows them to keep evolving. They are open to feedback, and constructively use it to improve their educational initiatives. I wish them all the best!

Air Force School, Chandan Nagar - Pune

Ms. Garima Goel - Principal

SkillSphere Education has been associated with Air Force School, Chandan Nagar, Pune since 2016. During this period, SkillSphere has assisted us in grooming our students in various skills like debating, public speaking, interpersonal and communication skills, collaborative problem solving etc.
SkillSphere has conducted two of its premier programmes - Enlighten MUN and LEAD. Both these programmes were appreciated by both students and parents.

City International School, Kothrud - Pune

Ms. Padmaja Chavali - Principal

SkillSphere Education had organised different workshops at our school. The entire process was well organised & systematic. The staff is extremely cordial and professional. We have witnessed a personality change in the students who had attended these workshops.

These workshops have boosted their confidence and vocabulary. The students have benefited a lot and they have been highly appreciated by our parents as well. All the Best team SkillSphere Education!!

St Paul's School, Rajkot

Father James CMI - Principal

SkillSphere Education under the leadership of Anansh Prasad is evolving creatively and continues to take up pathbreaking new ventures.

The benefit of its students is at its core and Anansh’s team is very passionate about the programmes the organization conducts. The inclusion of teachers training programmes recently is a good step forward!

SkillSphere Education has conducted its programmes and initiatives in many distinguished schools and colleges over the past few years.

Some of our esteemed clientele are as listed below.

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